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Sharda World School

Our Campus

Sharda World School

Our Campus

Our campus has been designed to fulfill SWS’s vision and mission of providing a holistic environment appropriate for the all-around development of our students. School being the second home serves several purposes in a child's life. They spend maximum time within the boundaries of their school as a student and are developed according to the environ provided to them between these four walls. We gravely understand the fact that infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favorable environment for a child's growth and so, SWS’s infrastructure is an end-to-end system that helps a student grow, thrive, and prosper.

Sharda World School
Sharda World School

Junior Classrooms

Bright, cheerful, and spacious classrooms enable children to stay enthusiastic during the day and study with sheer focus. Each element in our junior classroom is curated with the thought of young souls in mind. We ensure that there is proper air conditioning, ventilation and windows overlooking the greenery outside to keep the classes illuminated throughout the day. Exuberant and colorful designs empower students to not laze around and be involved with the teachers and fellow classmates. Our classrooms have enough seating to incorporate 40 students in each class without stuffing the space too much.

Sharda World School

Senior Classrooms

Our senior classrooms are aesthetically designed to ensure that students from classes 8th to 12th are excited yet motivated to come to class daily. The airy classrooms have ample natural light, proper air conditioning, and enough space for students to move around and not feel confined. The classrooms also have bookshelves where students can keep their books if need be. Unfurling a child's imagination with SWS's classroom is seamless with the soothing color combination and seating arrangements. There is also a two-way study mode – one through the traditional whiteboard and one through the digital panel that help students learn by way of presentations, videos, case studies, documentaries, and a lot more.


Our labs allow students to explore various fields of study by implementing theoretical knowledge into practical settings. At SWS, we believe that subjects cannot be solely understood through books, and it is essential for students to apply what they have learned in the classes by experimenting in the labs. In our labs, students learn to use evidence and data to support real issues related to their subjects. From Science, Computers, Social Sciences, Mathematics to English and Robotics – we have a dedicated lab for each subject with the proper equipment, spacious seating, adequate lighting, and fascinating interiors that ensure no study day is a dull day!

Sharda World School

Science Lab

The Science lab allows students to experiment with different things that they learn in class and witness the magic of Science themselves!

Sharda World School

Social Science Lab

The Social Science lab allows students to investigate how the subject helps solve global issues through cognitive and cooperative activities.

Sharda World School

Math Lab

The Math lab is a place where students get to explore various patterns, puzzles, games, and practical learning materials to expand their ideation power.

Sharda World School

Computer Lab

Digital experience is one of the most important things a student learns in school, and so our computer labs come equipped with the latest computers, scanners, and printers embedded with the latest technology and software for our students to explore.

Sharda World School

Robotics Lab

Our Robotics lab is the right place for all tech-savvy students who want to learn STEM- related subjects. The lab allows students to plan physical robots and explore the field of robotics closely.

Sharda World School

English Language

The English Language Lab comes with an audio-visual installation that helps students ace the language with modern teaching techniques. It is an entirely digital and interactive system that works to improve a student's verbal and written English.

Sharda World School


A Library is that one place where knowledge has no boundaries. From fiction, nonfiction, academic to non-academic books, the SWS library is equipped with books across all niches to suit children of all age groups. The Library room is a well-built, spacious, air-conditioned, ventilated, and supremely lit space so that each learner can enjoy their time reading the books they want. The room is built away from the classrooms to ensure that there is no sound or disturbance when children are busy reading and enjoying the literature of their choice.

Library Rules Library Services
Sharda World School


We are what we eat, and hence, SWS makes sure that the food served in the canteen is healthy, hygienic, and filled with all the nutrition that a budding child needs. We have a multi-cuisine kitchen that serves high-quality food and enables young learners to become more mindful, energetic, and focused. The food served in the canteen is cooked according to the Ayurvedic Diet, where the three doshas are taken into consideration in order to fulfil each child’s specific food requirements. Our canteen is the perfect place for students to take a refreshing break and enjoy the food they love, with proper ventilation as our primary focus. This space is also an excellent area for students to build friendships and bolster new ones by spending lovely time with peers.

Sports Room

Physical activities are as important as academic learning. It is a must that each student engages in some game or the other to improve coordination, teamwork, stamina, immunity,and strengthen muscles. Our school facilitates a variety of outdoor and indoor games to cater to each student's interest areas. It helps the kids boost confidence, enhance mental alertness and learn skills like patience, leadership, and more. Sports in education is a crucial front as it also increases the reasoning power of students and provides them with a recreational experience apart from the regular academic routine.

Sharda World School

Indoor Games

Our indoor game room is a vibrant, spacious, and fully air-conditioned and ventilated area where students can enjoy the games of their choice. We have games like chess that improve the mind power, table tennis that provide students with some physical movement indoors, carrom where students can enjoy playing in groups of four, a proper gymnasium and a lot more.

Sharda World School

Outdoor Games

SWS is equipped with several playing grounds for students where they can explore the field of sport that they are best at. We have a football ground, a cricket pitch, a lawn tennis court, a volleyball court, and a badminton court, and they are all spacious enough to accommodate single, double, and group players.

Sharda World School

Kids Playing Area

We have not forgotten our younger students who are too young to enjoy games like chess or cricket but need the daily dose of some fun and physical exercise as well. For them, we have a specially curated kid playing area with several rides and swings that are safe for all our junior kids.

Sharda World School

Activity room

Our preschoolers, the children aged 3 years to 5 years, can enjoy their time at school, socializing and learning new things in the activity room. The room is a high-spirited area with activities like an artificial kitchen, barbershops, city models, and more, to make the students aware of the real-life surroundings through imitated environments. Bright colors and safe objects are used in the room to make it 100% kids friendly, along with enough chairs and tables for the kids to have fun together. This area also contributes to building the student's social skills from a young age and encourages them to build blossoming friendships.

Sharda World School

Art and Craft room

Creativity is a child's best friend, and young minds are the most creative. Channeling this creativity through artwork, painting, sculpting, illustrating, and a lot more fun and innovative activities is a must. Indulging in creative activities regularly helps students express, explore and exhibit their emotions with utmost precision. From expressing their love towards their parent to gifting a handmade birthday card on their best friend's birthday, it helps them build healthy relationships and artsy minds. Our art and craft rooms are exceptionally colorful, filled with ingenious work around the room to inspire students,and are fully air-conditioned to provide students with a fun and frolic time.

RO water and Sanitary Rooms (Washroom)

Only RO water is supplied inside the school premises to ensure proper health, hygiene, and sanitization of all the students. The washrooms are created according to age groups, and each urinal and wash basin's height is set accordingly. For the preschoolers, the restrooms have a glass door so that each kid can be monitored from outside. The junior school students have urinals and washbasins set at a low height for easy usage. Lastly, the washroom settings for the senior students are set as per regular standards. All the washroom spaces are cleaned regularly throughout the day to ensure an uncontaminated, clean, and germ-free environment.

Sharda World School

Artificial Zoo

The school is situated between lush green trees, and to bring children closer to nature and wildlife, we have an artificial zoo installed. The zoo consists of a number of artificial animals like elephants, giraffes, lions, and more placed on the school grounds to give the school a feeling of fauna brought closer. It adds to the school’s aesthetic with vibrant colors around the school grounds. The students can spend their time learning more about each animal when on the ground and also enjoy the forestry feel across the school.

Sharda World School


SWS Auditorium is a highly spacious and air-conditioned area that can cater to up to 500 students at once for several school functions and inter-school competitions. The seating is made comfortable in order to accommodate the students with ease even during hourly long functions/competitions. The auditorium has multiple light settings, from dim to bright, to fit each occasion accordingly. Students can enjoy their moment of eminence when performing on our well-built large sized stage with several spotlights. Indeed, the auditorium can make any student feel like they are the main character in a movie!

Sharda World School

Music and Dance Room

The Music and Dance rooms allow students to explore their talent and rejuvenate themselves regularly. Dedicated rooms for music and dance are present to cater for an individual class where dance and music professionals guide students to let themselves free and enjoy the time at hand. Music enhances a student's learning abilities, whereas dance increases a child's physical strength, stamina, and flexibility. This is why SWS focuses as much on these two activities as it does on its academic front. Both dance and music rooms are well-lit, ventilated, and air-conditioned to ensure a seamless dance/music routine. They are situated away from the classrooms to ensure that academic classes are not disturbed at any time.

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